North Gaza Emergency Sewage Project | PWA
Publish date: 2017/10/18

North Gaza Emergency Sewage Project

The project aims to improve the sanitation status of in the northern Gaza Strip, and to reduce the environmental and social risk resulting from waste water. In addition to reducing the risk of random basins , and will contribute greatly to alleviate the deficit in the underground reservoir, as well as contribute significantly to improving the economic situation by supplying the agricultural sector and create jobs  . The project also aims to create non-traditional water sources contribute to alleviate the water crisis in the Gaza Strip.

The station is located north east of Gaza City, 200 meters from the eastern border of the Gaza Strip, on 100 acres of land area. The project benefits residents of the North Governorate (Jabalia and Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia and UM) with a total of 350000 people

The contracts for completing and operating the wastewater treatment plant project belonging to the North Gaza Emergency Project have been signed with a capacity of 35,600 m3 / day which will be completed during 2017 . And starting work on the first tender make use of treated water produced by the plant for agricultural purposes and includes tender to build 6 wells and create a reservoir with a capacity of 4 thousand cups and pumping station with capacity of 4000 m3/hour for irrigation to feed 15000 acres of irrigation water and start work during this year to be completed by early 2018. The total cost of the program is estimated at $115 million U.S. dollars funded by the World Bank and the French Development Agency, the European Union, Sweden and Belgium.

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