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Publish date: 2017/07/31

Strategic goals and objectives

The first object:

Development and protection of water resources in accordance with the principles of integrated management to achieve strategic goals:

  1. More efficient use of water supply.
  2. Protecting water resources from pollution and depletion.
  3. Promote and apply the Principles involved in the planning, operation, management, and knowledge.

The second objectives:

Justice in the distribution of water and sanitation services

Strategic goals to achieve:

  1. Preparation of integrated policies, strategies and plans for the water sector.
  2. Supervise and control the development of distribution systems at national and local levels.
  3. Development of regulations and legislation related to distributive justice.

The third objective:

Active management and consolidate the principles of good governance in the water sector

Strategic goals to achieve:

  1. Creating and developing the institutions working in the water sector at the level of management and distribution of water.
  2. The technical and administrative capacity building of water sector workers.
  3. Achieve financial sustainability concepts and promote private sector participation in the management and distribution of water and sanitation.

The fourth objective:

Investing in institutional building and achieving operational excellence for the water authority

Strategic goals to achieve:

  1. Administrative and operational efficiency of the water authority.
  2. Organizing and financial resource development.
  3. Support the contact and communicate both internally and externally.


The water authority objectives:

The water authority's objectives are divided into:

  • Developmental objectives
  • which aims to achieve economic growth, water and food security by securing water rights, and equitable distribution of water resources between the various sectors and the sustainable development of these resources through a fair and effective management and protection of all water resources, the water authority has primary responsibility for managing these sources.


  • General objectives:
  1. Organization and management of the water and sanitation sector in Palestine, ensuring secure water rights and equitable distribution among all the different sectors.
  2. Ensure optimal and effective ways to manage all available water in Palestine and sustainable development, in order to achieve a balance between quantity and quality of water available and the needs of the Palestinian people in the present and the future.
  3. Achieving optimal use of water resources by developing water services to ensure water and food security and economic development of the Palestinian State.
  • Sub- objectives:
  1. Consolidating and strengthening the institutional structure of the water sector and work to build national and regional water facilities to develop water services.
  2. Achieve a qualified staff in the water and sanitation sector with high professional qualifications, is working on raising the efficiency of the work of the private sector in line with the specifications and standards required.
  3. Develop and ensure the quality of engineering art specifications for water and sanitation projects to come up with a robust infrastructure serve as long as possible at the lowest cost.
  4. Provide an appropriate environment and sustainable development of water resources that guarantee water supply for the Palestinian citizen adequate quality and sufficient quantity and price.
  5. Confirm no override in exploiting water sources than its headquarters and shape that ensures sustainability and not draining and pollution, and the service provided to citizens is within criteria.
  6. Check the availability of water sources to ensure its sustenance, and work to ensure water quality in line with the general standards.
  7. Integrated water resources management and water sector planning and development national plan of action commensurate with the available water sources and coordination with all partners.
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