Head of Water Authority meets with Dura Municipal Council | PWA
Publish date: 2018/04/11

Head of Water Authority meets with Dura Municipal Council

Head of the Water Authority Eng.Mazen Ghoneim met in his office today the municipality of Dura and briefed on the needs of the town with regard to water and sanitation in particular.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Council commended the efforts of the water authority to improve the water situation in the town and mitigation on the citizen by raising the water quota allocated to the city, which had a clear impact on citizens during last summer.

The Council also addressed the issue of outstanding water debts and the Council's obligation to pay the amounts along besides its commitment to pay the monthly bills and stressing the importance of collecting the money owed to this vital facility.

The Council members also raised the issue of wastewater flow and the need to find a solution to avoid this disaster, in this context, the minister instructed the staff of the Water Authority's wastewater department to visit the site to examine the current situation and develop a technical report with solutions that can be implemented as quickly as possible to solve this case.

The Minister also noted that water authority strives to support the needs of all Palestinian communities to alleviate suffering in the water issue, and intensified the efforts over the past year in improving the water situation of the south which is considered the poorest in water    and managed to ease the crisis by working to provide the necessary needs of the projects contributed to the region's water supply and fair water distribution plan.


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