With the start of the operation of wastewater plants...Water Authority: Gaza Sea is clean | PWA
Publish date: 2022/06/10

With the start of the operation of wastewater plants...Water Authority: Gaza Sea is clean

The Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) confirmed that the Gaza Sea had become clean after the start of the operation of wastewater plants

In a statement on Friday, PWA indicated that it had intensified efforts -- in cooperation with the local and international partners -- over the past years to develop the Gaza Strip's water and wastewater sector through the implementation of several development projects for water and wastewater infrastructure, which had become a reality on the ground.

The result of those efforts was seen today, especially after the opening and operation of the plants of Gaza and Central (serving more than half a million people), Khan Younis (serving more than a quarter of a million people) last year, the strengthening of the North Station's operating program, which served more than 400 thousand people over the past years, and the accompanying establishment of networks and pumps and the improvement of service and infrastructure facilities.

PWA has also confirmed its keenness to implement these projects to improve the safety of wastewater and restore the Gaza Sea, benefiting more than 2 million citizens in the Gaza Strip.

In April last year, the Head of Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghunaim announced, during the opening of the Al-Brij station, that the completion of the wastewater plant projects would gradually return the Gaza Sea clean and "This is what the citizen will touch in the coming months", in addition to cleaning up the Gaza Valley, which is considered a pollutant-free nature reserve, as well as stopping pollution of the coastal aquifer and stopping environmental pollution to maintain public safety.

Today, the dream is real. Whoever goes to Gaza will see its sea overcrowded with holidaymakers who engage in their various swimming, hunting, and other activities safely.

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