Minister Ghunaim: "Wastewater projects are successful and achieve development goals" | PWA
Publish date: 2021/11/04

Minister Ghunaim: "Wastewater projects are successful and achieve development goals"

Ramallah: The Head of the Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghunaim confirmed that the implementation of wastewater plants in the West Bank and Gaza is successful and positive and achieves the development goals by providing quantities of treated water and using it for agricultural purposes, which contributes to developing the agricultural sector and improving the water sector.

This came during his meeting with the French Development Agency’s mission in his office today, headed by Mr. Quentin Blanc in the presence of the Director of the French Development Agency, Mr. Martin Parent.The meeting discussed the latest developments in the water harvesting project and the adaptation of agriculture to climate adaptation and  issues related to the implementation of the project, which is funded by the French Development Agency, the Green Climate Fund, and Ireland, and working with partners to provide the necessary needs, such as energy and land, to implement the project and ensure its sustainability.

Eng. Ghunaim explained that the Water Authority, through its cooperation with partners, had been able to complete major projects that had a significant impact, such as the Northern Gaza Emergency Project, and Hebron Treatment Plant Project, which were projects where efforts had been combined at various levels, whether at the level of financial support or cooperation with relevant parties, or the community side, which had shown great awareness of the importance of establishing such projects.

For his part, Mr. Blanc appreciated the efforts of the Water Authority to implement these projects and to provide the appropriate environment to work, expressing the French Agency's readiness to provide the necessary needs for the water and wastewater sector, to achieve a sustainable environment capable of providing the basic needs of citizens.

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