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Publish date: 2018/07/09

Ghoneim meet the Ambassador of Tunisia to the State of Palestines

 Head of Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghoneim greeted the Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to the State of Palestine Habib Ben Farah, at the Headquarters of Palestinian water authority to discuss the prospects of cooperation between the two countries.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Ghoneim stressed the strong relations between the two countries, Tunisia and Palestine, and to open new prospects for cooperation in terms of institutional building and exchange of experiences on issues related to water and sanitation in especially since the Tunisian experience is rich in this field.

 The Minister also praised the participation of the Tunisian delegation in the first international forum of Palestine, stressed the importance of this participation which was characterized by diversity in different fields, and had a great impact great  impact in enriching the work of the Forum, stressing that we look forward to greater cooperation and broader Tunisian side visits both formal and informal levels because of its importance in support of the Palestinian people and enhance steadfastness in their struggle for independence and the establishment of an independent State.

For his part, Ambassador Habib Ben Farah expressed his appreciation for the progress of Palestinian institutions and that water is a fundamental pillar for its ability to provide humanitarian service to the Palestinian people despite all the difficulties and obstacles encountered, Which make us feel proud of what we accomplished and evolution confirms the existence of a Palestinian expertise and capacity capable of creating strong institutions of sustainability in this context, the Tunisian Government's willingness to develop expertise in water and sanitation in front of Palestinian experts to strengthen the Tunisian Government supporting Palestinians hard positions of during the incarnation on Earth in accordance with Palestinian priorities.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed on a memorandum of understanding on water and sanitation include the formation of a joint team to develop a mechanism of cooperation programmes and institutional building and exchange of experiences and learning from the experiences of the two countries in this field.

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