During the opening of the public services center in Kafr Aqab, Minister Ghoneim | PWA
Publish date: 2018/04/18

During the opening of the public services center in Kafr Aqab, Minister Ghoneim

The Occupation and its daily practices on the ground to put obstacles on the Palestinian side and prevent it from establishing any infrastructure development projects, is the main cause of the severe water crisis in most parts of the country which is getting worse day after day, as the requirements are continuously increasing with physical, human and development progress, where statistics show that Palestinian need for drinking water is increasing rapidly, and if the situation remains, the Palestinian Government will not be able to meet more than 50% of the requirement.

*The water authority has worked and continues to work in cooperation with all partners to reduce the water deficit suffered by many Palestinian communities through the implementation of several development projects and programs designed to improve the water supply and reduce losses in lines and networks in the area of ??the concession of the Jerusalem Water Authority.

* During this year alone, Water Authority has provided many Palestinian communities located within the concession area more than 10 thousand meters of water pipes in different diameters, in addition, to establish a water connection for Ein Yabrud that provides more than 1000 cubic of water per day.

*Based on understandings of Bahrain cannel project, Ramallah and Al-Bireh will be supplied with water quantities estimated 4 million cubic meters until the year 2022 and finishing up the project of providing the necessary infrastructure to accommodate these quantities which funded by USAID, as water authority is currently in negotiations through the Joint Committee with the Israeli side to increase the amount of water supplied to keep by 5000 cubic meters per day as an additional amount of quantities supplied for this summer.

Recognize the importance of awareness in dealing with water issues by citizens and their eagerness to share water reflecting national affiliation and moral sense, and contributes to advancing the development of the sector, can raise the efficiency of water authority institutions and develop future projects both infrastructure or development projects.


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