The Water Authority announces restarting the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Khan Younis | PWA
Publish date: 2021/05/25

The Water Authority announces restarting the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Khan Younis

The Water Authority announced the operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in KhanYounis, south of Gaza Strip, which was suspended due to the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, after a determined effort in cooperation with the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility, where several damages to the carrier lines from al- Wafia station in the city of Khan Younis to the station in Al-Fukhary area east of the province were repaired.

The Water Authority indicated that targeting of this station led to the return of wastewater flowing to the sea, which threatens an environmental and health disaster. This prompted the Water Authority, in cooperation with the Water Utility and partner municipalities, to speed up the necessary reforms.

 The daily production capacity of the station is estimated at 13,000 cups of wastewater from KhanYounis city, and it serves more than 250,000 inhabitants.


The damage also reached the additional sewage lines connected to the conveyor line, causing severe damage as a result of the Israeli attacks and the continuous shelling during the recent aggression on the Strip, which led to the leakage of quantities of wastewater, which prompted the municipal crews and the Water Utility to work quickly to replace and test them to ensure that there are no additional leaks.


The Water Authority had restarted the wastewater treatment plant in northern Gaza carrying out the necessary maintenance for the pumping units and repairing the water line from the 

central pumping station in Beit Lahiya to the treatment plant east of Jabaliya, which was 

damaged due to the Israeli shelling during the recent aggression.


The Water Authority is currently intensifying work to assess the extent of the damage to repair it permanently, whereas, urgent and necessary repairs have been made to some damages to enable service providers to resume or continue their provision to citizens, while it is working with local and international partners to complete the maintenance and rehabilitation processes to restart the rest of the facilities damaged affected by aggression.

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