Minister Ghunaim discusses with the European Union developments in the implementation of water and sanitation projects | PWA
Publish date: 2020/10/12

Minister Ghunaim discusses with the European Union developments in the implementation of water and sanitation projects

Ramallah: Head of the Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghunaim discussed with the European Union’s head of cooperation Mr. Gerhard Krause, the developments of projects funded by the European Union, and plans to be implemented to support the Palestinian water and sanitation sector.

Minister Ghunaim briefed Mr. Gerhard on the latest developments related to the resumption of work on the treatment plant project in Hebron, which is one of the strategic and vital projects that contribute to the development of the province and rid it of the damages of wastewater flow.

The meeting also discussed several issues, most notably the Central Desalination Program and developments in the implementation of all its components, as well as the new steps announced within the water sector reform program, particularly the establishment of the National Water Company and the regional water facilities in the West Bank and Gaza and the future reliance on it in improving services at all levels. Eng. Ghunaim confirmed that work will be carried out according to an integrated plan to establish a sound environment capable of building these facilities and the foundations of its work efficiently and sustainably, The meeting also discussed the developments of the loss reduction project in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the final stages of the project for the completion of the Tubas _Tayasir treatment plant.

Eng. Ghunaim stressed the importance of moving forward in supporting new water projects that contribute to improving the service, as the Water Authority includes within its development plan a number of water projects according to urgent needs, which support the main goal of improving the quality of service provided and providing it in all communities, especially unserved ones.

For his part, Mr. Krause praised the role of the Water Authority in the development of the water sector in terms of infrastructure and institutional development, stressing the continued support of the European Union for water projects and its readiness to contribute to the implementation of new projects with partners to contribute to improving the supply and sustainability of the water service, in addition to his commitment to previous pledges in support of various projects currently underway.


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