Israeli occupation reduces water quantities in many governorates | PWA
Publish date: 2020/05/21

Israeli occupation reduces water quantities in many governorates

Ramallah - since last week, the occupation authorities have gradually begun to reduce the water supply on several key water points in several governorates, including Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, and Hebron, which have directly affected the water supply to citizens.

These sudden reductions in water quantities have led to significant pressure on the water authority crews to monitor and manage their impacts on distribution, and the resulting water pressure flaw in the transmission lines and networks. The Water Authority crews are intensifying their efforts to follow up and monitor pump indicators and find practical solutions to manage the resulting crisis.

"While we congratulate our people on Eid al-Fitr and work to overcome the most difficult phase of the spread of the virus of Corona in the country, the occupation and its rule are seeking to leave no chance to increase the daily suffering of our people, by restricting us to the most difficult tools, above all water, the greatest example of this is the reduction in water quantities today at many major points of supply, intending to directly influence sustainability." Eng. Ghunaim said

"The choice of occupation for these arbitrary practices has difficult dimensions, taking into account the importance of water in the emergency period and home quarantine, in which the demand for water has increased by more than 10%, as water is the first weapon against the Corona Virus. Today we are facing this crisis in conjunction with the summer and the occupation is well aware that we need to raise quantities, not reduce them, to respond to the increased demand for water, which according to indicators will reach about 30%." Eng. Ghunaim also added.

Hence, Eng. Ghunaim appealed to the international community to pressure Israel to stop its arbitrary water policies by using water as a means of restricting our people and the necessity of abiding by international laws and treaties.

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