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Ghunaim meets the Ambassador of Singapore to discuss joint cooperation between the two countries

Ramallah - Head of Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghunaim met in his office today with the Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the State of Palestine, Hawazi Deby, where the two sides discussed ways to strengthen joint cooperation between the two countries.

Eng. Ghunaim briefed the Ambassador on the situation and challenges of the water sector in Palestine, through the Water Authority's plan in the advancement of the water sector, and the implementation of many strategic projects, indicating that despite the achievement of development and success in improving services, the biggest challenge before us and the suffering of our people lies in the control of more than 80% of our water resources by the Israeli occupation.

Eng. Ghunaim reviewed the development of projects to improve water and sanitation services, highlighting further progress on projects in the Gaza Strip, as the Water Authority, with the support of donors, seeks to operate it to save Gaza and overcome the impending environmental disaster. Eng.Ghunaim also stressed the importance of the role of partners and supporters in the world who believe in the sanctity of the right to water for every human being and the importance of their support for the Palestinian water sector, which has had an impact on achievements on the ground.

The two sides discussed ways of cooperation between the two countries, especially as Singapore has developed experience in the management of the water and sanitation sector, through the management of services and engineering to find clean and alternative water sources, in this context, Eng. Ghunaim invited the Ambassador to attend the second Palestine International Water Forum scheduled for July 2020.

For his part, the Ambassador expressed the importance of joint cooperation between the two countries through the developing joint work and stressed his country's readiness to providing support and capacity building for water sector staff, which will constitute a qualitative addition and experience to the Palestinian water sector.

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