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Minister Ghuneim discusses the needs of Biet Kahel and Taffoh

Ramallah: Head of Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghuneim met a delegation from the municipalities of Biet Kahel and Taffoh to discuss the needs of these areas and the problems they face in obtaining water.

During the meeting, they discussed several needs raised by the two municipalities, which focused on the need to increase the quantities of water allocated, as it is insufficient to cover the needs of citizens, and discussed the issue of water connections and quantities supplied to the region, in addition to the need to rehabilitate the water network and reservoirs of the two towns, to improve the amount of water supplied to the area.

In this regard, Eng. Ghuneim stressed that the Water Authority is working to follow up the allocation of the water connection point to its network on Tarqumiya waterline, where water will be delivered to the area of Jammrura, especially the industrial zone, once it is completed, pointing out that we are suffering from the Israeli delays aimed to exacerbate the suffering of the people.

The meeting also addressed the issue of water pipe connection of Biet Kahel, stressing that the Water Authority will start work to implement the project of Biet Kahel Bridge to end the issue of water supply and the reliance on the old connections.

Regarding the issue of water in Taffoh, Eng. Ghuneim explained that this problem has emerged as a result of successive violations on Ayn Al Bustan spring, which led to the disruption of work, where the Water Authority is working with all parties to take appropriate measures to re-operate this vital source, stressing the importance of the existence of any water source and the need not to manipulate it in order to achieve the public interest.

 Eng. Ghuneim also explained that the Water Authority is continuing its policy of providing drinking water to citizens, whatever the challenges, and instructed the competent teams to study the needs related to the reservoirs and internal networks put forward by Biet Kahil and Taffoh and follow them from all sides to develop possible solutions for their implementation.

For their part, the representatives of Biet Kahil and Taffoh stressed the efforts exerted by the Water Authority to work at all levels, including the pressure on the Israeli side to provide water to these areas, which are suffering from severe scarcity, expressing appreciation for the directives of the head of the Water Authority to study the needs of these areas and work on finding solutions to deliver water to citizens.

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