Minister Ghuneim meets Italian delegation | PWA
Publish date: 2019/11/12

Minister Ghuneim meets Italian delegation

Ramallah – Head of Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghuneim, received in his office today an Italian delegation that included the Director-General of the Tuscany Water Authority, the Director-General of the Union of Italian Municipalities in Tuscany and the Director of the Research Center at the University of Florence, to discuss issues related to governance, water sector reform plan and integration of water service providers.

The meeting touched on the Italian experience in the management of the water sector in the province of Tuscany and their successful experience associated with reducing the number of water providers. Where Hundreds of local authorities were integrated into a ed number of regional departments, which had a positive impact on the efficient management of water resources.

In this regard, Minister Ghuneim briefed the mission on the Water Authority's plan and work in the water sector reform program, through which many important aspects have been accomplished and work is being carried out according to the plan, in addition to the Water Authority's efforts to develop this sector through the establishment of regional water facilities and thus integrate service providers in these departments to ensure more effective management of water resources, explaining that the work in this aspect is linked to many  aspects of political, financial, institutional and community, in addition to the availability of  adequate quantities of water to meet the needs.

Eng. Ghuneim praised the Italian side's interest in the Palestinian water sector, stressing the importance of opening up prospects for cooperation between the two sides and benefiting from the different experiences of each side, as water experience in Palestine is different as a result of the existence of many challenges, the first of which is the occupation that controls all aspects of life, especially water resources, in addition to its control over the land, especially areas classified C, which covers an area of ??more than 61% and preventing it from carrying out any development projects , which exacerbates the suffering of Palestinian citizens.

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