Minister Ghuneim inaugurates Ain Samia water well | PWA
Publish date: 2019/10/08

Minister Ghuneim inaugurates Ain Samia water well

Ramallah: Head of Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghuneim, accompanied by the Chairman of the Board of the Jerusalem Water Undertaking, Eng. Musa Abu Hadid, and it's General Director, Eng. Abdul Khalek Al-Karmi, and the General Director of Operations, Eng. Bassam Sawalha, along with specialists from the Water Authority, inaugurated today one of Ain Samia water wells, which is well No. 6, located in the Ain Samia water field in the eastern reservoir of water, 51 km northeast of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, which is the JWU's only water field for groundwater resource, with five water wells.

During the opening, Eng. Ghuneim stressed the importance of rehabilitating wells and working efficiently to ensure the continued flow of water, including well No.6, stressing the importance of monitoring the work of wells, and carrying out the necessary maintenance for them periodically, to ensure the sustainability of their work, and the continued access of water to citizens permanently, which comes with the Strategic Plan of the  Water Authority aimed at the rehabilitation and development of water sources.

JWU had previously drilled and operated the well with funding from the German Government, where it was suffering from a decline in water levels and productivity until it was completely out of operation, this prompted the JWU to monitor the necessary funding of 1 million shekels for rehabilitation. Which is important as it serves about 51 communities in the northern and eastern region of the province, which has a population of 90,000.

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