Minister Ghuneim signs the contract design of Wadi Al-Samen line | PWA
Publish date: 2019/03/20

Minister Ghuneim signs the contract design of Wadi Al-Samen line

Ramallah- Head of Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghuneim signed the contract of design Wadi Al-Samen line within the Wastewater Management Project in Hebron, as the Water Authority completed all necessary procedures for the signing of the contract for Wadi Al-Samen design with a length of 14 km, this came  in the presence of the Minister of Public Works and Housing Dr. Mufeed Al-Hassanieh, representatives of the German company , representatives of the French Development Agency and the World Bank, the European Union, Hebron Governorate and the President and members of Yatta Municipality.

Eng. Ghuneim stressed the importance of the project, as the Palestinian Government has worked to allocate the amount of 30 million shekels to implement the pipeline project, which is a priority to the Water Authority for the years 2019-2021 to be completely free of wastewater from the end of 2021, where wastewater flows directly from the homes, which threatens the lives of  citizens of the spread of infectious diseases, in addition to the danger to the area as a  result of the erosion of infrastructure, pointing out that this project will be  implemented in parallel with work at the  Hebron treatment plant.

Eng.Ghuneim added that the Water Authority has intensified efforts to overcome all the difficulties that prevent the project from being started, where the environmental impacts of wastewater flow through Wadi Al-Samen does not stop at the borders of Yatta, South of Hebron, but affects the entire province and the agricultural land, as well as the damage caused by the emission of odors and the spread of harmful insects and polluting the environment.

For his part, The Minister of Works congratulated the people of Yatta, in particular, and the Governorate of Hebron, in general, for starting the work of this project, which effects are reflected on citizens, land and the environment, adding that this project reflects the government's concern over the southern regions to improve living and strengthen the steadfastness of citizens to face the Israeli restrictions, specifically in the water issue.

It is noteworthy that this project comes within the wastewater management program in Hebron, which consists of several projects: the water pipeline project for Wadi Samen, the project of preparing the comprehensive plan for water and sanitation in the governorate, the  Institution’s building project for water sector management, the project of updating the  impacts assessment study of  the environmental, health, social and cultural heritage, and the project of the reuse of treated water in agriculture and industry, in addition to the wastewater treatment plant project.


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