Minister Ghuneim inaugurates water projects in Jamma'in and inspects the water situation in Roujeib in Nablus | PWA
Publish date: 2019/03/14

Minister Ghuneim inaugurates water projects in Jamma'in and inspects the water situation in Roujeib in Nablus

Minister Ghuneim stressed that the world is raising the slogan 'Water for all', in a step that means no one in the world should be deprived of water, as the World Water Day approaches , and that we here in Palestine, a country rich in water resources, are deprived of the benefit of them as a result of the Israeli occupation which deprived us of our water rights by seizing more than 85% of the water sources and putting obstacles and impediments to our efforts to improve the water situation by implementing Projects and developing services to the Palestinian communities. This came during an inspection visit by Eng. Ghuneim to the towns of Jamma’in and Rujeib, accompanied by Mrs. Annan Al-Atira, Deputy Governor of Nablus Governorate and Mr. Khalid Ashtayeh, to view the water situation and the opening of water projects.

During his tour, Minister Ghuneim said that the completion of the water reservoir project and the network to the town of Juma'in is an important achievement because it came after a long period of waiting and there was a passion to achieve it for its direct reflection on the lives of the people, by reducing the proportion of losses that the region was suffering.

Minister Ghuneim added:” we are working on completing the necessary and vital projects for all communities to receive fair quantities of water, and our plans do not stop only when the project is completed, but we face a major challenge in ensuring the sustainability of the project and this is the responsibility of us all.”


Eng. Ghuneim also visited the construction site of the water reservoir and the expansion of the internal network, which contributed to increase the amount of drinking water in the region, reduce losses of more than 30%, in addition, to improve the water supply and distribution to a population of about 8,000 people.

The project is implemented by the Water Authority and funded through ANERA with a financial value of one million five hundred thousand dollars , and includes the replacement of five km of degraded pipes, expansion of the network by 5 km, and pipelines.

Minister Ghunaim's tour included a visit to the village of Roujeib to discuss a range of issues related to the town and to examine the possibility of expansion of the current water network, which suffers from a loss of 35% due to the large urban expansion. They also discussed the importance of scheduling the Council's debt for water service, and work to pursue the development of networks and lines to ensure continuity of work.

The Water Authority, as part of its development plan, carried out a number of important water and sanitation projects in Nablus, which extended to various communities, particularly in areas classified as C, which suffer from Israeli restrictions and obstacles.



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