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Minister Ghuneim meets the director of the good neighbourly mission in the European Union

Ramallah: Head of Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghuneim met in his office, the director of good neighbourliness in the European Union, Mr. Gerhard Krause, to discuss the latest developments in the central water desalination programme in the Gaza Strip, as an integrated programme ,particularly that Water Authority had begun the practical steps needed to implement the programme at the end of this year, which was discussed with the donor countries during the Brussels meeting held last month, as well as what will be done to request other countries to join this project to provide the remaining amount. Pointing that the water authority is seeking to sign memoranda of understanding with countries that have announced their contributions at the donors ' Conference in Brussels last year.

The meeting also discussed the latest developments in the water sector reform program. During the meeting, Eng. Ghuneim highlighted the latest developments in the program, namely the completion of a number of important systems which will soon be entered into the procedures of ratification according to the approved mechanism. Among other issues discussed at the meeting, was the EU's support for the project of Reduction of unaccounted water, Minister Ghuneim confirmed that the Water Authority has taken a number of measures to address this situation.

The meeting also addressed the issue of EU support for UNRWA to be able to carry out their responsibilities towards the Palestinian camps in order to improve their health and living environment, by continuing to provide services required as a result of the financial crisis experienced by UNRWA after recent decisions of targeting the refugee issue and the continued work of this organization.

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