The Government discusses water debts | PWA
Publish date: 2018/12/18

The Government discusses water debts

During the weekly meeting of the Cabinet, held in Ramallah, the Cabinet reviewed a report on the status of the West Bank Water Department debts. This came as a result of the recent Cabinet decisions and actions to be taken towards local authorities uncommitted to paying periodically.

The Council discussed the steps taken by the water authority to raise the collection rate, by raising the level of wholesale water service, and develop billing system, computerized systems to manage water distribution and follow up with participants and with the Ministry of finance and planning to collect part of the debts incurred by the participants through deducting from their dues from the Ministry, in addition to debt rescheduling for a number of local authorities, work on prepayment meters installation procedures.

The Council stressed the need for the obligation of authorities to pay debts and find solutions to problems encountered in terms of collecting a debt owed to them and discuss ways to improve the collection, for the protection of public money.

The Council stressed that concerted efforts and the importance of action on a culture of commitment payment instead of services so that these authorities can implement projects for the benefit of the community.

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