Head of Water Authority meets the Municipality of Nablus | PWA
Publish date: 2018/10/23

Head of Water Authority meets the Municipality of Nablus

Ramallah: head of Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghuneim met in his office today with the Mayor of Nablus Eng. Adly yaish, to discuss a number of issues related to the needs of the city and the future action mechanisms to improve the water situation in Nablus and associated communities, where the meeting discussed the urgent need to extend the water networks especially after the urban expansion of the city which has led to increased pressure on existing lines and networks.

The meeting also discussed the city needs of additional water quantities, and the need to work on rehabilitating water wells that are considered as the main water source for many communities.

In this regard, Eng. Ghuneim explained that the Water Authority is studying the status of water wells in order to rehabilitate them according to the possibilities, to ensure better water quantities in various Palestinian communities and this depends on many factors including delays from the Israeli side, and funding from the other side.

The meeting also discussed the outstanding issues related to the municipal debt for the water sector, and discussed the appropriate mechanisms to work towards completion of this indebtedness, noting that the debt Commission will pursue all financial issues and work to completion in accordance with the established mechanisms.

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