Head of Water Authority inaugurates water projects in Qalqiliya | PWA
Publish date: 2018/10/24

Head of Water Authority inaugurates water projects in Qalqiliya

Qalqilya: Head of  Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghoneim, opened several water projects in Qalqilia governorate ,in the presence of Brigadier General Hossam Abu Hamda,  with a value of one million and two hundred thousand dollars, funded by the Water Authority, the projects include the construction of a tank and a conveyor line in the village of Seir, internal water  network in Azzun Atma  , and network rehabilitation project of Kafr Qaddum  , to improve the quality of water supply and provide high-quality water quantities along with reducing the amount of waste and improve the collection process.

During the opening, they were accompanied by the General Director of Local Government Hatem Musallam, heads of agencies and local councils, in addition to official and popular activities from the governorate.

Eng.Ghoneim expressed his happiness at his presence in Qalqiliya, praising the steadfastness of the people of the province who make creations and successes on their land, stressing the water authority's keenness to implement projects in this province which is in a national challenge with occupation and settlers. noting that President Mahmoud Abbas provide attribution of Qalqilya and all areas targeted by Israeli actions, Stressing the keenness of the Water Authority to implement several projects in all governorates, providing thanks to all the teams that worked to accomplish these vital projects.

The Deputy Governor reviewed the current situation of Qalqiliya, which suffers from exceptional circumstances as a result of occupation, calling for giving the water sector the importance as the province contains an abundance of water, expressing his pride in the achievements of projects, affirmed the Water Authority represented by Minister Ghoneim keenness to implement projects in the province targeted by the occupation by its unjust measures. He also praised the technical staff of the Water Authority working in the field, which intensified their efforts to implement these projects in spite of the repeated occupation handicaps.

The heads of, Kafr Kaddum, Azzun Atma and Sir, thanked the head of the Water Authority for his interest in the water sector and the completion of the three projects, which had a great impact on citizens and budgets, where reduced the percentage of losses in the network.


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