Minister Ghoneim inspects Ein _Samia wells | PWA
Publish date: 2018/07/11

Minister Ghoneim inspects Ein _Samia wells

Ramallah: Head of  Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghoneim , made an inspection visit to  Ein Samia wells accompanied by the General Manager of Jerusalem Water Undertaking, Abdul Khalek Al-Karmi , General Director of operations Mr Bassam Sawalhi and specialists from the water authority in order to brief the Minister on the status of water resources belonging to the Water Authority, which feeds 19 population in northern and eastern villages, and completely dependent on Ein-Samia wells as well as to inform him of the plan to develop these sources in order to improve water quantities and stability and work in the future on the rehabilitation of these wells.

The visit included the inspection of wells 6, 2 and 3, where the JWU is currently rehabilitating well number 6, which was drilled in year 2000 to improve the productive capacity of the well to reach 2400 m3 / day after completion of rehabilitation, as well as the completion of the rehabilitation of Well # 3, which included installation New equipment contributes to the improvement of its production capacity to reach 150 m3 / h.

Mr. Al-Karmi explained that JWU will work at the end of this year to rehabilitate well number 2, an old well, which led to a decline in productivity.

From his part , Minister Ghoneim stressed the importance of following up and control wells, doing the necessary maintenance and periodically to ensure its sustainability and continued water access for citizens permanently and which comes in line with the strategic plan of the water authority to rehabilitate and develop water resources, assuring The water authority will provide the necessary support to ensure the sustainability of these resources and improve work in all lines and reflected positively on the lives of citizens.




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