Minister Ghoneim meets with a mission from the French Agency | PWA
Publish date: 2018/07/01

Minister Ghoneim meets with a mission from the French Agency

 Head of the Water Authority met in his office today a mission from the French Agency chaired by Ms. Margo Chinal, Director of the Water and Sanitation Program and the Deputy Director of the French Agency, Mr. Nicola Gouri, to discuss a range of issues related to the water sector and the first Palestine International Forum.

The meeting discussed the development of the water and sanitation sector funded by the French Agency and the stages of work that has been completed. The meeting also discussed the opportunities to support future projects in accordance with the priorities of the Palestinian government in the water and sanitation sector such as the largest project being implemented by the Water Authority in the Gaza Strip Which was supported by the French Agency by 10 million Euros, as well as the Bethlehem Treatment Plant project, which also contributed to the French Agency to provide support for the funding of initial studies.

The meeting also addressed the participation of the French Agency in the work of the first Palestine International Water Forum, through their participation in presenting a paper on the reuse of treated water in the treatment plant in northern Gaza.

In the framework of the projects and the Water Authority Plan, Minister Ghoneim explained that any project implemented on the land of Palestine is an important achievement in the advancement of the water sector and is considered a step forward in the plan set by the Water Authority to develop work in this sector. Today, according to our plan, we want to intensify efforts towards establishing regional water reservoirs. Hence, we propose that efforts be intensified to start funding the studies required for the construction of central tanks in accordance with a system that allows control of the quantities of water supplied to the interests to ensure the continuity of the service and the fairness of its distribution.

For her part, Ms. Chinal expressed her admiration for the progress of work in the current projects that are implemented in the Bethlehem and Hebron Governorates and the importance of organizing the next steps to complete the work according to the prepared plan.

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