Water Authority aspire to advance the water situation and to find mechanisms that contribute to achieving water security through the “World Water Forum” | PWA
Publish date: 2018/06/24

Water Authority aspire to advance the water situation and to find mechanisms that contribute to achieving water security through the “World Water Forum”

Ramallah: Water Authority is close to completing of the necessary preparations for the First International Forum of Palestine, which will be held on the 25th of this month, which aspire through it to have a global role in developing water situation, by finding an international platform for decision makers and international experts to present and discuss the most pressing water issues and to find viable strategic solutions.

On the other hand, the Water Authority is seeking through the Forum to recruit the world attention and international media to highlight the effects of the political reality and unstable conditions in the area of water rights, as well as view the water challenges in Palestine as a country under occupation and geographical area facing Political dilemmas, difficult climatic and economic changes, in addition to many other factors affect the ability of States to achieve water security for their people.

Water Authority is looking forward, through the Forum, to achieve the vision of improving the water situation  and finding mechanisms that contribute to achieving water security locally and internationally, by addressing the most important water issues as good governance and integrated water resources management, climate change adaptation, and the current situation and future prospects for sustainable solutions to these issues, taking advantage of developments and new technology capable of upgrading of water and sanitation services in Palestine and the region.

The objectives of the International Water Forum are to support the water sector in Palestine and to demonstrate the capacity of Palestine as a state to contribute to improving the water situation in the Arab world and globally through various activities that seek to highlight the most important water issues, challenges and obstacles facing this vital sector, These obstacles are to protect future generations from the threat of shortage or lack of water.

During the water authority preparations to establish this Forum , water authority developed set of goals to be achieved through concentrated on highlighting the challenges of raising international awareness about the impact of water on people's daily lives, and help build a sustainable economy is able to achieve its requirements, In addition to helping enterprises or provided water services to better comprehensive future planning and develop its business and services in the management of water sector locally, regionally and globally, and exchange experiences through hosting international experts to review and discuss the most important international developments and trends In the water sector, targeting specialists capable of providing advisory services including in the field of technology and modern machinery capable of completion by the water.

Forum sessions will include success stories in the field of regional and international water sector development, trying to take advantage of them and apply them to serve the common goal of develop this vital sector, open discussion and presentation of research, on topics such as finding non-traditional water resources, find mechanisms to raise awareness of the use of these alternative sources.

It is expected that the Water Authority will a chive international support for water issues in Palestine and the advancement of Palestinian water sector by raising the level of global interest in the issue of water in Palestine as one of the most important issues of conflict, and the need for international support in the face of Great challenges to its ability to manage water resources optimally, improving the quality of water services, and providing adequate sanitation, thus achieving sustainable water security, as well as finding opportunities to enhance cooperation and build partnerships between national, regional and international institutions, and between the Palestinian water sector and the private sector, in addition to presenting the results of specialized studies and research in dealing with administrative and water and sanitation projects in Palestine in both urban and rural areas ,and give special attention to marginalized areas or those facing real problems in water services in an attempt to highlight their causes and make recommendations for their resolution and developed, as it seeks to provide an opportunity for institutions involved in the water sector, to learn about the latest technology and knowledge transfer, in addition to Strategic partnerships, access to financing and financial solutions to serve their goals.

The First International Water Forum will be held from 25-28 June to include the first day of the forum which will be held at the Ramallah Cultural Palace. The forum will include specialized scientific and research sessions with the participation of experts and specialists, Companies operating in the water sector locally and internationally will be held in the halls of the Carmel Hotel, and interested people can attend the Forum by registering through the website of the Forum www.piwf.pwa.ps


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