Minister Ghoneim discusses the needs of Umm Safa | PWA
Publish date: 2018/04/12

Minister Ghoneim discusses the needs of Umm Safa

Head of the Water Authority met in his office today with the head of Umm Safa village council Mr. Marwan Sabah to discuss the needs of the village, which focused on the water network and the need to expand it, the need to rehabilitate the current water line and the construction of a water reservoir for water storage in particular that the only source of water for the village's water line.

For his part, Eng. Mazen Ghoneim stressed the Water Authority keenness on serving all Palestinian communities and providing water service and support the resistance of the citizens in threatened areas and surrounded by settlements, noting that all the possibilities for the implementation of projects contribute to the delivery of water, adding that a special team of the Water Authority will visit the village to see their needs and work to incorporate them into future water authority interventions.

The meeting also discussed the issue of supplying the village of Deir Sudan with additional water quantities allocated by head of the Water Authority for the village amounting to 4 thousand cups of water by studying the best place to determine the point of connection for the delivery of water without prejudice to the quantities allocated to the village of Umm Safa.

The meeting also addressed the new regional project that the Water Authority intends to implement which is a water conveyor line to supply villages of northwest of Ramallah and Salfit Governorate with the quantities of water allocated within the Bahrain Canal Agreement.

For its part, the Council appreciated the keenness of the Water Authority to provide water to the citizens and expressed their commitment to cooperate fully with the Water Authority by providing the necessary land for the construction of the pumping station.

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