For the continuation of life in Gaza, Water Authority is holding an international donor conference in Brussels | PWA
Publish date: 2018/03/21

For the continuation of life in Gaza, Water Authority is holding an international donor conference in Brussels

Brussels- Head of water authority Eng. Mazen Ghoneim and the European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Expansion Negotiations Johannes Hahn, and the adviser Khairia Rasas on behalf of the Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al-Hamadallah, and  the Palestinian Ambassador to Belgium and the European Union, Abdul Rahim Al-Farra opened the international donors conference to complete the Financial support to the largest water project in Palestine, which reached 565 million dollars for the program of the Central Station for Desalination of sea water.

The Conference was held in hosting of the European Union and in a wide international presence of supporters and key partners in achieving the central desalination program, by following up various earlier stages and continued coordination in an attempt to find solutions to the challenges facing the program. Namely the Islamic Development Bank the Union for the Mediterranean and the European Investment Bank and the World Bank.

Eng Ghneim said: ' saving the lives of 2 million people in Gaza of impending humanitarian disaster requires moving forward in support of the plan of the water authority and overcome all obstacles to implementing a centrepiece the Central Desalination Plant program, which would produce 55 million cubic meters of desalinated water annually, In addition to Contribution to stop the depletion of underground reservoir, mitigating environmental degradation of seawater and provide thousands of jobs which will contribute to economic and social development '."

He added that despite the difficult conditions, the Palestinian Government with the support of Donor and friendly countries successfully implemented numerous strategic projects that have had impact in alleviating the suffering of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. A real example of a wide range of projects completed and another set in progress included the establishment of three small desalination  plants, three sewage treatment plants, and sixteen water reservoirs, all these projects are accompanied by a tanker lines and pumps that come all within integrated water authority plan to cope with the disastrous water situation.

In the Prime Minister’s speech, it was confirmed that the Conference carries a message of hope to our people in Gaza and that the international community plays a key role in not to neglect this suffering, but works hard and design to address the poor water situation in Gaza. The start of the implementation of the programme of the central station program will contribute to political stability in Gaza, water scarcity could have grim ramifications and further tensions.

For his part, Johannes said: ' this project has been designed to satisfy the majority of Gaza's water needs, providing drinking water and while contributing to economic growth, environmental sustainability and stability ' and Completed ' I am proud that the European Union has pledged $70 million euros in addition to 7.1 million Euros for administrative matters, I am proud of the success of the donor conference today to make the program closer to reality '.

It is worth mentioning that the success of the Conference on international advocacy and intensified efforts to rescue Gaza, comes after the great achievement that was accomplished last week during a Government celebration and its international partners with the opening (wastewater treatment plant of northern Gaza Strip) worth 125 million dollars . This beyond a shadow of a doubt the ability of the Palestinian water authority management and implementation of water projects.

The Conference comes in conjunction with the participation of Palestine, represented by the Water Authority in the eighth World Water Forum in Brazil to raise the Palestinian water issue and the challenges faced as a state under occupation.


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