The beginning of a new phase…The Prime Minister inaugurate a wastewater treatment project in northern Gaza. | PWA
Publish date: 2018/03/13

The beginning of a new phase…The Prime Minister inaugurate a wastewater treatment project in northern Gaza.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Rami Hamdallah, and the head of the water authority,Eng. Mazen Ghoneim inaugurated the wastewater treatment plant project in the northern Gaza Strip which worth 125 million dollars, to serve the population of the region of more than 350 thousand inhabitants.

The Opening was attended by the head of the General Intelligence service, Majed Faraj and a number of Ministers, Vice President of the World Bank in the Middle East and North Africa, Hafez Ghanem, the Deputy Representative of the European Union in Palestine Thomas niklason, representatives of donor countries and partner institutions in addition to local community.

Dr.Hamdallah said, ' we are here to put a pillar of the State, and contribute together to launch the national and humanitarian project opening and operating the station to provide additional and alternative sources of water and fit for human consumption, and save the lives of citizens from potential disasters, in addition to the generated project jobs It comes under the water authority plan to confront the deteriorating water situation, to stop the pollution in coastal underground reservoir.

He added ' I feel a lot of responsibility and I am once again in the Gaza Strip as part of our duty, and our daily work, to develop the infrastructure of our State, and to our access to our citizens in every inch of the land of Palestine '.

The Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said that the bombing that targeted his convoy and the head of General Intelligence Chief Major General Majed Faraj, would increase the Government's determination to pursue national reconciliation and will not prevent from continuing the way toward salvation from this bitter divide.

Eng. Ghoneim said: 'we celebrate the launch of one of the most vital and strategic projects implemented by the water authority in collaboration with all partners, with the aim of improving the lives of more than 350, 000 residents in northern Gaza and provide an alternative source of water, despite all the obstacles and project interface restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation on entry of the materials and equipment over the years.

Ghoneim added that the water authority is working to address the situation of the underground water reservoir has become unfit for human consumption by implementing several development programs and water infrastructure to improve water and sanitation in the service sector.

In his speech, the Vice President of the World Bank, who is a key partner in supporting this project, stressed the continuity of support the water sector in particular, and other sectors in line with the Palestinian Government's plans.

The Deputy Representative of the European Union in Palestine said, this project constitutes an important station for improving the environmental situation and human life in northern Gaza, and we are proud of as a European Union, France, Belgium and Sweden have given the necessary support to the project, and we confirm our support for the upcoming sea water desalination programme.

The project is the beginning of a new phase will contribute to halt environmental degradation and depletion of underground reservoir and through the provision of alternative water sources to irrigate 15000 acres in eastern provinces and Northern Gaza. The water authority is currently working with partners to implement a strategic plan to complete projects in Central and southern Gaza chiefly Central Station programme desalination, which will be held for the international donors conference on 20 March.


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