Head of the Water Authority signs the Agreement of Meselye Sewage Project | PWA
Publish date: 2016/11/07

Head of the Water Authority signs the Agreement of Meselye Sewage Project

RAMALLAH: Head of Water Authority Minister Mazen Ghoneim signed the agreement for the sewage project in the village of Al Meselye, funded by the French Development Agency which costs 3.7 million euros, to serve 3000 Palestinians living there.

Minister Ghoneim congratulated citizens of the village for this important project that will help to improve their environmental and health status, explaining the importance of implementing such projects in Palestine, according to PWA's strategic plan.

Mr. Bruno - Representative of the French Agency expressed his pleasure for signing one of the French-funded projects which are around  60 million euros, more than half of them are for water and sanitation projects, he also confirmed their commitment to support the development of the sector projects.

The project consists of the establishment of a sewerage network of 15 km length and with different diameters in Al Mesleyeh village, as well as the establishment of a treatment plant with the technology of wetland, with capacity of 300 m3 / day, in addition to establishing the pumping station, and implementing a training and capacity building program for the technical crew who will operate the station.

The project will provide treated water that can be utilized for agriculture in the area. This project will be managed and operated  by the Joint Services Council, and will be  established by Brothers Company, Arab Company and SAS International Company, and the period of work on the project will be  18 months.

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