Head of Water Authority briefs on the needs of the North Hebron Services Council | PWA
Publish date: 2021/01/12

Head of Water Authority briefs on the needs of the North Hebron Services Council

Ramallah: Head of Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghunaim met with the head and representatives of the North Hebron Services Council to discuss the challenges facing the region and the priorities of development projects to improve the water and wastewater services.

The meeting raised a set of needs discussed by the Council, relating to water supply and wastewater services, including the distribution of drinking water in the region, support to the provision of supply points, and the supply and installation of new water encounter to the area, and research to the pilot plan being prepared by the Water Authority, especially for sewage in Hebron Governorate, the priorities of sanitation projects and the management of current sewage treatment plants and the plans for their expansion, follow up on all technical and administrative aspects, and the possibility of constructing mobile treatment plants with a capacity of 500 cubic meters for wastewater treatment for unserved areas.

Eng. Ghunaim emphasized the continuous support of the Water Authority for the Joint Services Council and member municipalities by providing water and wastewater services and provide priorities needs to enhance the water situation in the region and contributes to reducing the environmental and health effects of wastewater, and stressed the need for all parties to cooperate in taking responsibility for the development of the water sector to serve the Palestinian citizen.

It is worth mentioning that the Water Authority seeks to develop and improve the infrastructure, and to reduce the problem that many gatherings suffer from, related to losses and infringements, on the other hand, to better utilize these quantities by including them in projects related to water and wastewater for various gathering during the coming years and improving the service provided to the citizen, supporting wastewater treatment, and providing additional quantities of water.

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