Minister Ghoneim inaugurates Jiljilyya water network and Birzeit pumping station | PWA
Publish date: 2018/08/08

Minister Ghoneim inaugurates Jiljilyya water network and Birzeit pumping station

Ramallah: Head of Water Authority Eng. Mazen Ghoneim , and the General Director of the  Jerusalem Water Undertaking, Abdul Khalek Al-Karmi inaugurated  today  the Birzeit pumping station located on the main line  of  Birzeit – Jaffna Street, which will feed Birzeit area, Alreehan, Abu shukhaidem village, Cooper, Abu qash, , Der Sudan, And Ajjoul , it will serve more than 5000 subscribers and contribute to the access of water to the high areas, which suffer from lack of access to water and therefore the establishment of this station will help solve the water crisis in the summer.

In addition, Eng. Ghoneim inaugurated water network rehabilitation project in Jiljilyya   village which included the rehabilitation of 100% of the water network of 9.0 km in length and cost up to 2.1 million shekels and rehabilitate the 40% of Abbouin water network with a length of 6.5 km and cost up to 1.1 million shekels.

The project will reduce the losses suffered by the old network which negatively affected the quantities of water reaching the citizens, in addition to improving water distribution mechanism to ensure access to all congregations.

The head of the Water Authority also met with the heads of the municipalities of Birzeit and  Jiljilyya  and listen to the needs of these regions that focused on the need to improve the quantity of water to these areas, especially in the summer and the need of a water sanitation projects in Birzeit village to finish the scourge suffered by the town   , where Minister Ghoneim said on this regard that the water authority will provide the necessary support to Jerusalem Water Undertaking to alleviate water shortage. As for sanitation, he confirmed that the water authority and through the European Investment Bank is working on a feasibility study to establish the treatment plant for the entire area and upon which will work on a sewage project.

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