In the presence of international specialists, the opening of scientific sessions at the Palestine International Water Forum | PWA
In the presence of international specialists, the opening of scientific sessions at the Palestine International Water Forum

The Official business of the scientific sessions of the Palestine International Water Forum was opened today with international participation represented by specialists in water and sanitation which aims to develop and improve water service, where participated in the first meetings of the work today representatives from Oman, Holland, France, Jordan, Algeria, Switzerland.

Minister Mazen Ghoneim  opend the special sessions and exhibition to announce the start of events and emphasize the importance of the participation of States and participating companies that aim to open the prospects  to inform attendees and participants about the most important products and equipment used in the infrastructure of the water sector

The Scientific sessions include discussion about optimal technologies and integrated water management, in the administrative and technical aspects and institutional issues of waste and abuse and materials used in networking administration and communication besides consolidating and opening prospects for water provider institutions.

The first sessions focused on non-traditional water sources, water treatment issues and their use in agriculture from technical aspects and desalinated water, which are dealt with in accordance with the specifications and standards of these countries.

One of the papers presented by Dr. Amjad Aliwi also focused on the developing sustainable water management plan in Nablus in terms of addressing the sources of water available and the population and existing networks and the percentage of waste, as Mr slim bekhatonf of Algeria highlighted the Algerian experience in desalination Water and presented the challenges faced in the desalination project and the state solution, which is now one of the successful solutions in this area.

Mr.Philip Corral from Germany talked about treated water use and the use of different techniques and using of Mesilia treatment plant implemented in Palestine.

More than 27 international and local companies from France, Italy, Turkey, America, Germany, and Palestine participated in the Palestine International Forum and are an important part of the event for hosting companies specialized in water and infrastructure.

The exhibition aims to see the potential of the Palestinian market and opening horizons to global markets through cooperation and access to the world's experiences in this field and keep abreast of technical and artistic developments.




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