Minister Ghunaim meets the mayor of Surda | PWA
Publish date: 2023/05/11

Minister Ghunaim meets the mayor of Surda

Ramallah: The head of the Water Authority, Eng. Mazen Ghunaim, received in his office the mayor of Surda, Mr. Mohammed Al-Bazar, to discuss the water needs of the town in the context of urban expansion and the accelerated movement of investment in the region, which requires the development of strategic plans in line with the dynamic development movement.

Mr. Bazar explained that the area needed a wastewater treatment plant to cover the new and extended neighborhoods.

For his part, Eng. Mazen stressed the importance of importance of following up on the municipality, improving its services to citizens in all areas of its concession, and ensuring the continuation of investment projects in the region, including wastewater treatment projects. As part of its pilot plan, the Water Authority is implementing integrated sewage projects that cover the region completely to ensure benefit to citizens and guarantee continuity of work.

Eng. Ghunaim also instructed the specialists to conduct a study of the area, assess emergency needs, and develop appropriate technical solutions and implementation requirements.


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