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Bid No.Bid NameBid OwnerSponsorship ValueCityVillageBid datedate of bid openingBid Status
PWA/MOF/2023-02A project to construct a suspended water tank for the town of Jayyus/QalqilyaPWA35000QalqilyaJayyus04/10/202329/10/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2023/03The third phase of construction work for the West Bank Water Department’sPWA10,000West Bank West Bank 19/09/202309/10/2023Under offeringMore
NCB/SW/WBP/AFD/2/2023Remaining Farm Connections at Zone A1-500ha.PWA120000GazaGaza13/09/202312/10/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/WB/2023/060 CTDConstruction of Water Distribution Systems in Villages in North East Jenin Including the HH connectionsPWA150000JeninVillages in North East Jenin31/08/202323/10/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2023/059-CTD Water tank, internal water network, and Al-Atara water station - Jenin GovernoratePWA125000JeninAl-Atara 15/08/202317/09/2023Under offeringMore
PWA-GSD/WB/2023/141National Program to Develop Regional Water Utilities in PalestinePWA0West BankWest Bank 07/08/202321/08/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/WB/2023/042EOI-CTDPreparation of the Design of Tulkarm Wastewater Treatment Plant and North-East Ramallah Wastewater Treatment PlantPWA0Tulkarm and Ramallah East Ramallah and Tulkarm 03/07/202324/07/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/WB/2023/040EOI-CTD Detailed Design for the North East Ramallah Wastewater Networks & Nablus West Treated Wastewater Conveyance System PWA0Ramallah North East Ramallah12/06/202303/07/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MOF/2023/030-CTDConstruction of a reservoir and a water transmission line-Beita - Nablus PWA50,000 NablusBeita 31/5/202319/06/2023 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2023/034-CTDPartial rehabilitation of the water network in the village of Qarawat Bani Zeid-RamallahPWA 60,000 RamallahQarawat Bani Zeid28/5/20233/7/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2023/033-CTD Rehabilitation of parts of the internal water network of Deir BallutPWA 60,000 SalfitDeir Ballut28/5/20233/7/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/WSRP/CS01/QCBSWater Security and Resilience Program PWA0جنينNorth of Jenin21/05/202306/06/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2023/01Burqin- Jenin sewage line construction projectPWA30,000JeninBurqin10/5/202330/5/2023Under offeringMore
IFB No: NCB/SW/WBP/AFD/1/2023: Water Banking and adaptation of Agriculture to Climate change in Gaza.PWA15,000 GazaGaza10/05/202304/06/2023Under offeringMore
Consulting services for Construction Supervision for Irrigation of 1000Ha for Zone A2&B in Beit Hanoun & Gaza PWA0Gaza26/4/202322/5/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/WB/2023/009 EOI-CTDproject implementation consultant to supervise the implementation of the reconfiguration of water distribution system in southern and middle governoratesPWA000GazaGaza27/02/202314/03/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2023/013-CTDConstruction of Transmission Mains, Pump Stations and Reservoir Tanks for Ramallah Bulk Water Supply SystemPWA500,000RamallahRamallah07/02/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2023/018-CTD Partial rehabilitation of the water network of Qarawah Bani Zaid - RamallahPWA60,000 Ramallah Qarawah Bani Zaid08/02/202312/03/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MOF/2023/017-CTD Rehabilitation of parts of the internal water network of Deir BallutPWA60,000SalfitDeir Ballut5/2/20236/3/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MOF/2023/014-CTD Construction of a water tank, a conveyor line and a pumping station in Beita Town – Nablus GovernoratePWA50,000Nablus.23/1/20236/03/2023 Under offeringMore
PWA/MOF/2023/015-CTD Construction of a water tank and conveyor line for the town of Qafin – Tulkarm GovernoratePWA100,000Tulkarm.31/1/20236/3/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/WB/2023/009 EOI-CTDWater Security Development- Gaza Central Desalination Program: Associated Works Project Phase I (AWP-Phase 1)PWA.Gaza.23/1/20237/2/2023 Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2022/008EOI-CTDابداء اهتمامPWA...Jenin Misilya18/01/202313/02/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/09The project of establishing a ground water tank and a water carrier line in the town of Baqa al-Sharqiya.PWA30,000TulkarmBaqa al-Sharqiya29/12/202218/01/2023Under offeringMore
PWA/China /2022-07A project to rehabilitate an agricultural water well / Qalqilya GovernoratePWA5000QalqilyaQalqilya20/12/202211/01/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/04Burqin-Jenin sewage line construction projectPWA30,000JeninBurqin18/12/202208/01/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/GCDP/CS16/QCBSDetailed Engineering Design for the Water Infrastructure for Priority Investment Projects for Bulk Water System in the West BankPWA0South of the West BankSouth of the West Bank18/12/202209/01/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/08A project to establish a sewage network in Jifna village / Ramallah and Al-BirehPWA25000RamallahJifna15/12/202202/01/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MOF/2022/ 079EOI-CTDProviding consulting services for the design of a sewage network and home connections for the city of Yatta - Hebron GovernoratePWA000 HebronYatta 17/11/202207/12/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/05The project of constructing a sewage line in Bidya - Salfit.PWA30000Salfit Bidya 25/09/202217/10/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2022/044-CTD Rehabilitation of parts of the internal water network of Deir BallutPWA55,000 SalfitDeir Ballut12/09/202216/10/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/06Excavations and land leveling works and the construction of fences for the construction of warehouses of the West Bank Water Department / Al Fara’a - TubasPWA10,000Tubas Al Fara’a03/09/202220/09/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/05The project of constructing a sewage line in Bidya - Salfit.PWA30,000SalfitBidya16/08/202207/09/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MOF/2022/031-CTD Construction of a sewage station Dora - HebronPWA150,000 HebronDora 14/08/202214/09/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/03Expansion of the sewage network Zita - TulkarmPWA20000Tulkarm Zita07/08/202231/08/022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/04Construction of a sewage line Burqin - JeninPWA30000JeninBurqin07/08/202231/08/2022Under offeringMore
wed33333Supply and installation of a water pump in Al-Faraa camp / Tubas GovernoratePWA5,000Tubas Al-Faraa camp19/07/202218/08/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2022/030-CTDDrinking water network in the area of ??Beit Umra - YattaPWA75,000 Hebron??Beit Umra - Yatta19/07/202229/08/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/019-CTD Partial rehabilitation of the water network in the village of Qarawat Bani Zaid - RamallahPWA50,000RamallahBani Zaid18/07/202222/08/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/01Sewage project housing Jaffna - Dura Al Qara first phase.Palestinian Water Authority 25000RamallahDura Al Qara15/06/202207/07/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2022/020EOI-CTD.....PWA.....GazaGaza08/06/202229/06/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2022/019-CTD Partial rehabilitation of the water network in the village of Qarawat Bani Zaid - RamallahPWA50,000RamallahQarawa Bani Zaid06/06/202218/07/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2022/018-CTD Construction of a water tank, conveyor line and pumping station in the town of Alar / Tulkarm GovernoratePWA90,000 Tulkarm Alar24/05/202229/06/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2022/017-CTD Construction of a water tank and internal water network in Jalboun villagePWA150,000JeninJalbounUnder offeringMore
PWA-GSD/WB/2022/50Technical Assistance to Support the Establishment of Regional Water Utility (RWU) in Tubas DistrictPWA0TubasTubas22/02/202214/03/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/GCDP/CS13/IC Consultancy Service to develop the Terms of Reference خبير خدمات استشارية فرد / البنك الدولي 0RamallahRamallah01/02/202216/02/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2021/070-CTDAl Dhahiriya City / Hebron Governorate Water Transmission Line.PWA60000 HebronAl Dhahiriya25/12/202125/01/2022Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-23Rehabilitation of an internal water network in the village of Kefert / Jenin GovernoratePWA6000Jenin village of Kefert14/12/202129/12/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-24Qalqilya Wells Rehabilitation Project / Qalqilya GovernoratePWA5000QalqilyaQalqilya12/12/202126/12/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/GCDP/W01/RFBW01- Reconfiguration of Water Distribution System - Southern Gaza PWA600000Southern Gaza Governorates Gaza10/11/202110/01/2022Under offeringMore
GZ-PWA-207134-CS-CQSConsultancy Service for Assessing the CMWU Warehouse Management and Procedures PWA000GazaGaza06/11/202122/11/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2021/051-CTD Rehabilitation of Al-Heila Water Network - Yatta / Hebron GovernoratePWA40000 HebronYatta23/09/202101/11/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-22Rehabilitation of the internal water network in the village of Einabus / Nablus GovernoratePWA25000NablusEinabus26/09/202112/10/2021Under studyingMore
PWA/MoF/2021/049-CTD Construction of a water tank and an internal water network in Jalboun village / Jenin GovernoratePWA80000JeninJalboun09/09/202113/10/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2021/050-CTD The project of constructing a water tank and conveying lines in the village of Sanur / Jenin GovernoratePWA90000Jeninقرية صانور 09/09/202113/10/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2020/015Legal Consultancy Services to Assist the PWA in Legal Activities for the Establishment of the National Water company (NWC)PWA1000RamallahRamallah08/09/202131/10/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/WB/2021/047-CTDW 02 - Reconfiguration of Water Distribution Systems in Gaza-Middle AreaPWA200,000غزةMiddle Area01/09/202119/10/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoF/2021/044-CTD Tender Name: Construction of a water tank and transmission lines and rehabilitation of parts of the internal water network in Jaba village / Jenin governoratePWA80000Jenin Jaba village01/01/202110/10/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-21Rehabilitation of the internal water network in the village of Hares / Salfit GovernoratePWA20,000Salfit Governorate village of Hares 26/08/202115/09/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2021-045 CTDRevision of the existing Sewage Master Plan for the Khanyounis Governorate and Detailed Design of the sewage collection system in the Eastern VillagesPWA1,500GazaKhan Younes25/08/202127/09/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-19Sewage construction projectPWA25000TulkarmThe Eastern Nazla and the Middle Nazla16/08/202115/09/2021Under studyingMore
PWA/AFD/2021/18-NCBعطاء رقم: Corrective Measures for Misilya WWTP and Rainwater Infiltration in the Sewage Network and West Pumping StationPWA5000jeninjenin15/08/202108/09/2021Under studyingMore
TA-G-PCU-QCBS-03-2019 Legal Consultancy Services to Assist the PWA in Legal Activities for the Establishment of the National Water company PWA1000RamallahRamallah26/07/202116/08/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2021/038EOI-CTDConsultancy Services for Construction Supervision for North Gaza Sewage Treatment Solar PlantPwa0North GazaNorth Gaza2021/07/082021/08/10Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2021/034EOI-CTDProfessional training system in Water and Sanitation sector – Feasibility Study - CONSULTING SERVICESPwa0RamallahRamallah2021/07/042021/09/09Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021/027-CTDRehabilitation of Deir Ammar water network / Ramallah governoratePWA50000Ramallah Deir Ammar 07/06/202112/07/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2021/029EOI-CTDReuse Schem for Hebron Regional Wastewater Treatment PlanPWAHebronHebron07/06/202112/07/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021/028-CTD Construction of a water tank and transmission lines and rehabilitation of parts of the internal water network in Jaba village / Jenin Governorate PWA80000 JeninJaba village 06/07/202112/07/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-013Providing consulting services to design a sewage project Dora / HebronPWA5000 HebronDora 02/06/202123/06/2021Under offeringMore
P168739Short Term International Expert for Establishment of Bulk Water Supply Unit in GazaPWA000GazaGaza01/06/202122/06/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-12Excavations and land leveling works and building fences to construct West Bank Water Department warehousesPWA10,000RamallahRamallah28/05/202116/06/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-08Rehabilitation of an internal water network in the village of Deir Istia / SalfitPWA25,000Deir Istia Salfit24/05/202123/06/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-09A water network rehabilitation project in the Western Nazla village / TulkarmPWA15,000TulkarmWestern Nazla village23/05/202123/06/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021/017-CTD Construction of a water tank and transmission lines, Sanur Village / Jenin GovernoratePwa90000 JeninSanur Village2021/05/092021/06/09Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021/022-CTDConstruction of sanitation connections at Anin / Jenin Governorate Funded by the development budget of the Water AuthorityPwa50000 JeninAnin village2021/05/092021/06/09Under offeringMore
PWA/KF/2021/020-CTDPackage nr. 1b - Southern main carrier system- Pumping stations and reservoirs sitesPwa600,000GazaGaza2021/05/092021/07/05Under offeringMore
PWA/KF/2021/019-CTDPackage nr. 1a - Southern main carrier system-Pipelines and related ancillary worksPwa600,000GazaGaza2021/05/092021/07/05Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-07The project of constructing a water reservoir and a transmission line in the village of Kafel HarisPwa25000Salfit Kafel Haris20\04\202119\05\2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021/016-CTD Construction of a water reservoir and a transmission line in Kafr Sour village / Tulkarm GovernoratePWA50000 Tulkarm GovernorateKafr Sour 13/04/202116/05/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-06The project of constructing a water reservoir and conveyor line, Beit Iba village, Nablus governoratePwa30000 NablusBeit Iba2021/04/142021/05/04Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-05Project of establishing a water pipeline for the transmission of Al Dhahriya City / Hebron GovernoratePWA30000HebronAl Dhahriya 05/04/202126/04/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021/010-CTDRehabilitation of the water network of Hindaza Village / Bethlehem GovernoratePWA75000BethlehemBethlehem06/04/202110/05/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD-IR/2021/013-CTDDesign, supply and installation of the solar power plant for North Gaza sewage project facilitiesPWA200,000 Gaza North Gaza04/04/202103/06/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/UNICEF/2021/04 Supplying water quality monitoring equipment and water authority / laboratory maintenance partsPWA500RamallahRamallah30/03/202121/04/2021Under offeringMore
P168739Water Sector ApplicationPWA0PublicPublic22/03/202107/04/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-03The project of rehabilitating the internal water network, Bardala village / Northern Jordan ValleyPWA30,000 Northern Jordan ValleyBardala village22/03/202118/04/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-02Sanitary connections project, Anin Village / Jenin GovernoratePWA50000JeninAnin Village03/03/202122/03/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2021-01Construction of a water reservoir and conveyor line, Al-Jalama village / Jenin GovernoratePWA30000 JeninJalama village02/03/202104/04/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/Kfw/2020/034-CTDCentral Desalination Plant Gaza – Associated Works: Reconfiguration of Water Supply InfrastructurePWA...GazaGaza04/01/202128/01/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2020/028-CTDConstruction of sewage lines, a pumping station and rainwater drainage lines for Qalandia camp / JerusalemPWA50000JerusalemQalandia camp25/03/2021 27/04/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2020/031-CTD Rehabilitation of parts of the internal water network in Jamala village / Ramallah governoratePWA50000RamallahJamala village22/12/202017/02/2021Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2020-012Supplying parts and equipment for maintaining water networks in the West BankPWA2000West BankWest Bank03/11/202018/11/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/WB/2020/023EOI-CTDBulk Water Supply Master Plan and Water Harvesting Master Plan inThe West BankPWA000West BankWest Bank26/10/202018/11/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2020-11Supply of chlorine and chlorine pumps and polymers For water and wastewater treatment plantsPWA1000 RamallahRamallah25/10/202011/11/2020Under offeringMore
P168739Water Security DevelopmentPWAThe West Bank and GazaThe West Bank and Gaza04\10\202027\10\2020Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2020-10A project to construct a water reservoir for the town of Jayyus / Qalqilya.PWA30,000 QalqilyaJayyus21/09/202011/10/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2020-09Supplying parts and supplies for installing water filling points in Area "C" in the West BankPWA500West BankWest Bank13/09/202005/10/2020Under offeringMore
PWA /ADA/2020-08Supplying chemicals and supplies for water desalination plants in the Gaza Strip.PWA2000 Gaza Strip and the West Bank Gaza Strip and the West Bank02/09/202021/09/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2020-07Supplying parts and equipment for maintaining water networks in the West BankPWA2000 West Bank West Bank30/08/202015/09/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2020-06Supplying electrical parts for water pumping stations in the West BankPWA2000 West Bank West Bank30/08/202015/09/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2020/011-CTDConsultancy services for transform the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility-Gaza into a regional water utilityPWA2,000 Gazaregional water utility24/08/202007/10/2020 Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2020/05-NCBUpgrading Works for Irtas Sewage Lifting StationPWA3,000 Bethlehem Irtas09/08/202002/09/2020 Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD-IR/2020/008-CTDWater Banking and Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change in Northern GazaPalestinian Water Authority200,000GazaNorthern Gaza 25/06/202019/08/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2020/04-CTDDrilling of Janzour Well- JeninPalestinian Water Authority12000JeninJanzour01/03/202015/04/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2020-05Rehabilitation project of the internal water network in Haris Village / Salfit GovernoratePalestinian Water Authority20,000Salfit Haris Village03/03/202001/04/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2020/003-CTD Rehabilitation of a reservoir and the establishment of an internal water distribution network in the village of Qira / Salfit GovernoratePalestinian Water Authority70000سلفيتvillage of Qira26/02/202029/03/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2020/002-CTDIntegrated Nexus Strategy for Water, Energy and Agriculture in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian Water Authority2000GazaGaza16/02/202018/03/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2020-03The work of supplying and installing a water pump for a camp Faraa wellPalestinian Water Authority5000TubasFaraa Camp12/02/202004/03/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2020-02Rehabilitation works for Al-Azaria water well / Jerusalem GovernoratePalestinian Water Authority15000JerusalemJerusalem04/02/202004/03/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2020-01Supply and installation of water filtration system for Al-Auja well / Jericho governoratePalestinian Water Authority25000JerichoJericho12/01/202012/02/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/WB/2019/047-CTD Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project- Phase IPalestinian Water Authority000HebronHebron30/12/201920/01/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2019/046-CTD Establishing a sewage line in Wadi Samun Yatta / HebronPalestinian Water Authority400,000 HebronYatta29/12/201905/02/20120Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2019/034EOI-CTDWater Banking and Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change in Gaza Project Palestinian Water Authority000GazaGaza19/12/201920/01/2020Under offeringMore
PWA/UNICEF/2019-03COMPLETION & EXTENSION OF FATUH-TALET AS SOMOUD WATER MAIN DEST. LINE Palestinian Water Authority20,000 Hebron / Yataتلة الصمود08/12/201930/12/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2019/044-CTDEstablishing domestic sewage connections for the Water and Wastewater Services Council in TubasPalestinian Water Authority65000TubasTubas11/10/201912/12/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/201 Rehabilitation of Marda village water network / Salfit governoratePalestinian Water Authority75000Salfit Salfit 11/10/201912/12/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2019/036EOI-CTDConsultancy Services-Technical Assistance to the Project Management Unit of the PalestinianPalestinian Water Authority...GazaNorthern Gaza 10/09/201905/11/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2019/037EOI-CTDConsulting services for Construction Supervision for Recovery and Irrigation SchemePalestinian Water Authority...GazaNorthern Gaza 10/09/201905/11/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2019/039-CTDConstruction of Irrigation Networks in Northern Gaza for Zone A1 -500ha Palestinian Water Authority200000GazaNorthern Gaza 10/09/201909/12/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2019/035EOI-CTDWater supply points in Jenin and Ramallah / West BankPalestinian Water Authority...Jenin Governorate and Ramallah GovernorateJenin Governorate and Ramallah Governorate27/08/201930/09/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/ RoJ /2019/022 - CTDConstruction of sanitary drainage connections for the municipality of JerichoPalestinian Water Authority70,000 JerichoJericho28/05/201926/06/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/ KFW /2019/016 - CTDRehabilitation of water distribution system for the villages of Sebastia and rehabilitating the water system of Qablan village east of Nablus / Nablus governoratePalestinian Water Authority90,000 NablusSpastia28/05/201903/07/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/ROJ/02/2019Invitation to tender for the supply and installation of prepaid counters for the Municipality of Jericho funded through the Japanese representativePalestinian Water Authority6000JerichoJericho26/05/201926/06/2019Under offeringMore
AfD 1/2019Infiltration Basins Rehabilitation Project at North Gaza Emergency Sewage Treatment plant (NGEST)Palestinian Water Authority1500GazaNorth Gaza 23/04/201916/05/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/MOFP/1/2019Consulting Services Individual ConsultantPalestinian Water Authority1000RamallhaRamallha15/01/201904/02/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2018-18Technical Assistance to the Program Coordination Unit for Implementation of the Rolling Program (TA-G-PCU) – phase II.Palestinian Water Authority1000RamallhaRamallha06/01/201917/01/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-15Maintenance of the second floor of the West Bank Water Department building Palestinian Water Authority 6000RamallahaRamallaha21/11/2018 05/12/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-16Maintenance work section in the line of Dar Salah Palestinian Water Authority 7000BethlehemDar Salah13/11/201802/12/2018 More
PWA/MoFP/2018-13A water conveyor project for the waste landfill for the villages of northwest Jerusalem Palestinian Water Authority 15000 Jerusalemvillages of northwest Jerusalem04/11/201821/11/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/RoJ/2018-12The Construction of House Connection to Branch Sewer in Jericho City and Installation of Prepaid Water Meter. Palestinian Water Authority 2000JerichoJericho23/10/201812/11/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-14Maintenance of electronic meters for water authority Palestinian Water Authority 3000Hebron and RamallahThe South14/10/201828/10/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018/102-CTDConsultancy Services Palestinian Water Authority 7,000QalqiliaJoura Amra08/10/201812/11/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/ADA/2018-11Technical Assistance to the Rolling Program Coordination Unit - Phase II Palestinian Water Authority 1000RamallahaPalestinian Water Authority 01/10/201821/10/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-13Cleaning and Rehabilitation of Jenin Sewage Treatment Plant Palestinian Water Authority 10000JeninJenin Governorate01/10/201831/10/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/ KFW /2018/098 - CTDRehabilitation and extension of the Water Supply System for Sabastia Cluster, Eastern Nablus Area & Qabalan Water Authority 90,000NablusNablus Villages26/09/201819/11/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018/100-CTD Establishment of an internal water distribution network for the village of Fakoua / Jenin governorate Water Authority 100,000JeninFakoua12/09/201814/10/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-10A water conveyor project for the waste landfill for the villages of northwest Jerusalem Palestinian Water Authority 15000Jerusalemnorthwest Jerusalem30/8/2018 30/9/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-09Supply and installation of a water filtration device for Well Auja Palestinian Water Authority 6,000JerichoAuja30/08/2018 30/09/2018 Under offeringMore
SC PACKAGE 1 /KF/ 01/2018Gaza Sustainable Water Supply Program: Associated Works to Gaza Palestinian Water Authority ...GazaGaza06/08/201819/09/2019Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2018/084-CTDDesign of Wadi Al Samen/Yata sewage conveyance system Palestinian Water Authority ...HebronWadi Al Samen30/07/201827/08/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-08Supply and installation of water pump Jericho water well (1) Aqaba Jabr / Jericho Governorate Palestinian Water Authority 10,000JerichoAwqab Jabr29/07/2018 29/08/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MOFP/2018/043-CTD Provide technical and engineering assistance services to the Palestinian Water Authority Water Authority ...West BankWest Bank23/07/201814/08/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018/075-CTD Construction of sewage connections to Jericho Municipality Water Authority 85000JerichoJericho15/7/201819/08/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018/071-CTD Supply and installation of pumps, transformers, electric panels and electronic water meters Palestinian Water Authority 70,000HebronSouth Region10/07/201827/08/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018/070-CTD Construction of Beit Fourik Petrol Station Beit Dajan / Nablus Palestinian Water Authority 90,000NablusBeit Fourik and Beit Dajan02/07/2018 05/08/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-06Rehabilitation of the water network of Zatara village / Bethlehem Governorate Palestinian Water Authority 20000BethlehemZatara village01/07/201831/7/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-07Rehabilitation project of the water network of Farheh village / Salfit governorate Palestinian Water Authority 20,000Salfit Farheh village01/07/201831/7/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-05 Project supply and installation of a water tank and tanker water lines Palestinian Water Authority 10,000Jenin Governoratewadi daawk21/06/201825/07/2018Under offeringMore
138/2018/ PWA -GSD/ MOFPPurchase and supply of water pipes, parts and equipment Palestinian Water Authority 100000ramallaha27/6/201827/6/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-04Establishment of an internal water network for the village Palestinian Water Authority 3,000Bethlehemvillage of Al-Jaba21/06/20188/7/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2018/050-CTDHebron Regional Wastewater Management Project - Phase I Palestinian Water Authority ...الخليلHebron 23/05/201812/06/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018/048-CTD Establishment of an internal water distribution network for Al-Rasheed District / TulkaremPalestinian Water Authority50,000Tulkarem GovernorateAl-Rasheed neighborhood / Tulkarm21/05/201826/6/2018Under offeringMore
pwa/ MoFp/2018-03Construction of an internal water network Khirbat Jabara - Tulkarem Governorate رقم العطاء: pwa/ MoFp/2018-03 Palestinian Water Authority 20000Tulkarem GovernorateKhirbet Jabbara21/05/201821/6/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-02Construction of a water tank and conveyor line for the village of Iraq Burin / Nablus Governorate Palestinian Water Authority 20000 Nablus Governorate Iraq Burin02/04/201825/4/20018Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD /2018/014 - CTD Feasibility study of the sewage and reuse project in East Bethlehem Palestinian Water Authority ...BethlehemEast of Bethlehem20/02/201820/03/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018/011-CTD Give interest to provide consulting services for internal sewerage networks, pipelines and pumping stations for the sewage projectPalestinian Water Authority 000JerusalemSouth of Jerusalem13/02/201828 شباط 2018Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD /2018/005 - CTDAssignment Title: Feasibility Study Wastewater disposal and reuse in South east Bethlehem Palestinian Water Authority000BethlehemFeasibility Study16/01/201805/02/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MOFP /2018/006 – CTDFeasibility Study Wastewater disposal and reuse in South JerusalemPalestinian Water Authority000JerusalemSouth Jerusalem16/01/201805/02/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/WB /2018/001 - CTDAddendum to the Environmental, Social, and Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment for the Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project Palestinian Water Authority000 Hebron Hebron02/01/2018 17/01/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2018-01Execution of decorative works and supplying equipment for an interactive showroom in the Water Authority buildingPalestinian Water Authority3000RamallahaRamallaha11/01/2018 24/01/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-09Construction of water tank and conveyor line for the village of Iraq Burin / Nablus GovernoratePalestinian Water Authority20000NablusIraq Burin18/12/2018 17/01/2018 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-06Implementation of household drainage connections in Artas village / Bethlehem governoratePalestinian Water Authority30,000BethlehemThe village of Artas26/7/201714/08/2017 DoneMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-05Rainwater drainage line in Aida camp / Bethlehem governoratePalestinian Water Authority5000Bethlehem governorateAida camp25/7/201714/08/2017 DoneMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-03Completion of the sewage line in Nur Shams refugee camp / Tulkarm governoratePalestinian Water Authority 5000Tulkaremنور شمس 16/7/201726/07/2017DoneMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-04Linking Al-Oud neighborhood in Al-Urub camp with sewage network / Hebron governoratePalestinian Water Authority 5,000Hebron Arroub camp16/7/201726/07/2017DoneMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-01EinThe third phase of Bani Zaid project / rehabilitation of the water network of Kafr Palestinian Water Authority 20,000Ramallaha Bani Zied9/7/201724/07/2017 DoneMore
مناقصة رقم 124/2017 procurement of EQUIPMENT FOR THE T-JWSSCPalestinian Water Authority 6500TUBASTUBAS 3/7/2017 08/08/2017Under offeringMore
87/2017/ PWA -GSD/ MOFPPurchase and supply of water pipes and cutting equipmentPalestinian Water Authority 60000West BankWest Bank18/6/201718/07/2017 DoneMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-02The project of opening the Auja water well and installing fence to protect / Jericho governoratePalestinian Water Authority 10,000JerichoAl-Ouja5/6/2017 22/6/20017 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-08Rehabilitation of the water network Kafr Kaddum Phase II / Qalqilya GovernoratePalestinian Water Authority20,000 QalqiliaKafr Kaddum29/10/201719/3/2018Under offeringMore
PWA/AFD/2017/059-CTD Design and Installation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for the Water Facilities and Training to WSSAPalestinian Water Authority...BethlehemBethlehem - Beit Jala – Beit Sahour 24/10/2017 30/11/2017 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/058-CTD Project to establish a network of internal water distribution Municipality Batir / BethlehemPalestinian Water Authority90000 Betlahem Peter 15/10/2017 31/10/2017 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017-07Sewage lines in rural villages of South Dura (Abu al-Asga, Raboud, Abu al-Ghazlan, Karza and Abu al-Arqan)Palestinian Water Authority30000HerbronSouth Dura countryside 11/10/2017 09/11/2017 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/056-CTD Supply and installation of pumps, towers and electric panelsPalestinian Water Authority65,000RamallahWest Bank Water Department 4/10/2017 20/11/2017 Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/035-CTD Supply and installation of pumps, towers and electric panelsPalestinian Water Authority 70,000West BankWest Bank1/6/20173/7/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/GSD/AFD/2017/093REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST FOR CONSULTING SERVICE Palestinian Water Authority ....Jenin North of the West Bank30/05/201723/06/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/029-CTDThe project of establishing a water tank and rehabilitating the internal water network of Deir al-Ghosoun municipality / Tulkarm governorateDeir al-Ghosoun municipality90000Tulkarm governorateDeir al-Ghosoun municipality11/5/201713/06/2017DoneMore
P117449Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project - Phase IHebron Municipality...HebronHebron Municipality10/5/201706/06/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/025-CTDThe establishment of an internal water distribution network for Batir Municipality / Bethlehem GovernoratePalestinian Authority90000BethlehemBatir2/5/201705/06/2017Under offeringMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/026-CTD Project to establish a network of internal water distribution Municipality Qven / TulkaremPalestinian Authority90000TulkaremQafin2/5/201705/06/2017DoneMore
PWA/MoFP/2017/027-CTDEstablishment of an internal water distribution network for the Municipality of ArabaPalestinian Authority90000JeninAraba2/5/201707/06/2017DoneMore
P117443Water Sector Capacity Building to PWAPalestinian Authorityلا يوجد GazaGaza19/4/201707/05/2017Under offeringMore
GSD / AFD / 2017/30Provide consulting services for the benefit of joint training services to villages west of JeninPalestinian Water Authorityلا يوجدJeninAlyammon16/01/201714/2/2017Under studyingMore
2016/065-CTD Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project - Phase I HRWWTP Palestinian Water Authority 500 HebronHebron15/12/2016 06/03/2017Under offeringMore
PWA WORKS/ 5/2016The establishment of the village of Dar Salah pumping stationPalestinian Water Authority10000Bethlehemvillage of Deir Salah18/ 7/ 20168 آب 2016DoneMore
PWA WORKS 4/2016Project Tnchae alrehya vector village water linePalestinian Water Authority8000 Hebron alrehya village18/ 7/ 20168 آب 2016DoneMore
PWA WORKS 6/2016 The establishment of a village water tank Bartaa / JeninPalestinian Water Authority30000JeninThe village of Bartaa18/ 7/ 201608 اب 2016 DoneMore
29:44/06/2016Establish water tanker lines, mainly in the municipality of Bani Zaid / RamallahPalestinian Water Authority50000RamallahBani Zaid18/ 7/ 20168/8/2016DoneMore
29:43/6/2016 Construction of a pumping station and line carrier tank Bani Zaid / first phasePWA15000RamalaahBani Zaid2016/06/1612 تموز 2016 DoneMore
29:33/05/2016Construction of a water reservoir سلطة المياه 21000Qalqilya2016/05/0225 أيار 2016DoneMore
P117443Water Sector Capacity Building to PWAPWA...Ramalaah2016/04/2416/ 05/ 2016Under studyingMore
29:31/04/2016Construction project is part of the internal distribution of water to the village of Azzun Atma network QalqilyaPWA40000Qalqilya24/04/201615 أيار 2016DoneMore
29:30/4/2016 Construction of a major water line to the town of punishment / TubasPWA40000Tubas24/04/201615 ايار 2016DoneMore
PWA WORKS 2/201Supply and installation of water / embryo / Ektaba / Azzun pumpsPWA10000Jenin / Tulkarem / Qalqilia24/04/201616/ ايار / 2016DoneMore
29:29/4/2016 Consultancy Services for Public Awareness Campaign for Al-yamoon Water Systemsسلطة المياه 3000Ramalaah2016/04/182016/06/01DoneMore
PWA – WORKS 1/2016 Exchange line healthy national security camp projectSalfit10000Salfit2016/04/182016/05/11DoneMore
78/2016 Water supply and spare equipment and pipelinesPWA5%Ramalaah2016/04/072016/05/03DoneMore
29:18/04/2016Consultancy Services for Public Awareness Campaign for Misilya Sanitation Systems Palestinian Water Authority 3000Jenin04/04/201617/05/2016DoneMore
29:8/03/2016construction of North-West Jenin Villages Water Supply ProjectPWA180000Jenin10/03/20169/5/2016DoneMore
pwa/01/2016200028-29/ 02-2016 7/03/2016More
29:138/12/2015ثلاثة عشر الف 2015/12/272016/01/13More
29:121/12/201545000 08/ 12/ 20152015/12/21More
لا يوجد لا يوجد 2014/09/152014/11/12More
CPS 1018-2لا يوجد تموز 20142015/07/16DoneMore
PWA\GZ-KFW 02/2015 Palestinian Water Authority 28,000.002015/08/212015/10/22More
PWA\GZ-KFW 01/2015 Palestinian Water Authority 28,000.00 2015/08/212015/10/22More
29:97/11/2015Implementation of internal water networks in TubasPalestinian Water Authority65000TubasTubas , Aqaba, Tyaser2015/11/012015/11/16DoneMore
3/2015 Palestinian Water Authority 10,0002015/06/302015/07/06More
06/2015Supply and installation of water conditioners to the headquarters of pine / district authorityPWA5% Ramalaah2015/11/092015/11/18Under studyingMore

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