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Publish date: 2016/06/14

Water Department

According to this resolution a company called "National Water Company" should be established, that is fully owned by the State of Palestine. The company can’t change its legal status except by law.

The company has the following responsibilities:

- provide and sell bulk water to the local water councils, and of common services associations - extracting water from water sources, desalination and transfer it as bulk according to a  license acquired from the Authority.

- manage and develop assets received by the Authority.

- secure and ensure smooth trade relations with customers and suppliers.

- provide the necessary means for the development of all activities, and provide the infrastructure for bulk water activities.

- prepare proposals for the water tariff and any other related services and submit them to the  Council for approval.

- any other related tasks assigned to it by the Authority.

The company is supervised by a board of directors that consists of a head and four Palestinians' experienced members, appointed according to a decision of the Council of Ministers and owing to a recommendation by Head of the Water Authority, it  will be compulsory that all members of the Board of Directors should be known as having integrity, knowledge in the water or financial affairs. The term of membership for the members of the Board of Directors will be four years, renewable only once. The membership will be ended for one of the reasons: (a). Resignation or death. B. Dismissal, decision of the Council of Ministers. C. Loss of legal capability, the head and members of board of directors and their relatives to the second degree should not have any financial benefit or be a party in any contract made by the company.


The Board of Directors is the supreme authority that make decisions for the company, which is demanded to  implement the  company’s policies and supervise the management of its operations in order to obtain the approved policy by the authority, the Board of Directors has full power to achieve the company's tasks in accordance to this decree .

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