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Publish date: 2016/06/13

Origination of PWA

Water Law No. (2) of 1996, article 2, stipulates the creation of a Palestinian Water Authority, which has independent legal personality and has an independent budget, and follows the President ,and has a Head appointed by the President of the Palestinian National Authority. The Water Authority's aim is to achieve an integrated and sustainable management of water resources,protection and preservation of water according to the organizational tools that helps them obtain a healthy environment, and ensuring a balance between the available water as quantity and quality and the needs of the Palestinian people for the present and the future.

And then the Water Law No. (3) for the year 2002 which set the framework and levels of the water sector in Palestine, in order to regulate the sector and access to the service to the appropriate level on one hand, and the protection of water sources on the other hand, the tasks and powers of the management of the sector has been distributed on three levels , the regulatory and operational level and the political level.

The Water Act No. 3 of 2002, authorized the Water Authority to manage the water sector, and entrusted it the organization of the sector and identified the relations with the public and private departments and local governmental authorities, each according to its specialty and legal authority .

Mission of Water Authority:

A public institution working on management, development and the protection of water resources in a fair, integrated and sustainable way to provide sustainable water for citizens for different uses in order to ensure the protection and development of the environment .

Vision of the Water Authority

Sustainable water sources able to achieve the basic and developmental needs of the Palestinian people.

The main Objectives for the Water Authority includes developmental goals to achieve economic growth and water and trophic security, by securing water rights for Palestinians and achieve equitable distribution of water resources between different sectors, and to achieve sustainable development of these resources through protection and effective management, for all water resources, the Water Authority takes the main responsibility for the management of these sources, the goals of the Water Authority includes the following:

General objectives:

Organize and manage water and sanitation sector in Palestine so as to ensure secure water rights for Palestinians and achieve equitable distribution among all the various sectors.

Ensure the most efficient and optimal ways to manage all of the available water resources in Palestine and sustainable development in order to achieve a balance between the available water quantity and quality and the needs of the Palestinian people in the present and the future.

To optimize the use of water resources by developing water services to ensure water and food security and economic development usage of the Palestinian state.


Consolidation and strengthening of the institutional structure of the water sector and work to build national and regional water utilities to develop water services.

The foundation of qualified staff in the water and sanitation sector with professional qualifications working to raise the efficiency of the sector work in accordance with specifications and required standards.

Develop and ensure the quality of engineering and technical specifications related to water and sanitation projects to build a solid infrastructure that serves as long as possible with lowest cost.

Providing the right environment and sustainable development of water resources to ensure that the provision of water to the Palestinian citizen is adequate in quality and quantity at a reasonable price.

Making sure not to over-exploit water sources, that ensures sustainability and lack of depletion and pollution, and that the service provided to citizens is within the approved standards.

Ensuring the availability of water resources to ensure sustainability, and work to ensure the quality of water with regard the general specifications.

Integrated management of water sources and comprehensive planning for the water sector and the work of the national development plan in line with the available water sources and coordination with stakeholders

Water resources management strategy:

Ensuring sovereignty over the water sources and preserving the Palestinian water rights.

Strengthening and enhancing national water policies and regulations

Institutional capacity and development of human resources building.

And improve information services, monitoring and evaluation of all water resources in quantity and quality.

Management and development of all water resources in an integrated and sustainable in line with all requirements

Organize and coordinate investments in the water and sanitation sector in an integrated manner.

The application of standards to control water pollution and protect water sources.

Building public awareness and public participation of the importance of water resources and conservation.

Enhancing regional and international cooperation

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